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From site preparation to construction to completion, Britton and Associates is responsible for all aspects of the landscape installation. This begins with rough grading to prepare for elements such as pools, patios, decks, arbors, water features and planting areas. All materials are chosen for their enduring quality and lasting beauty. 

All drainage systems are calculated and engineered to ensure that water moves unimpeded through the site. This is accomplished by means of sub-surface French Drain and surface systems. 

Irrigation systems are installed to meet the specific requirements of the design. A licensed irrigator ensures that all exposures, plant materials, and laws and regulations are considered in the installation. 

Custom organic soil amendments are blended to meet the requirements of the plant materials selected. This is the foundation for the long term success and quality of your installation. 


All trees, shrubs, and other plant materials are hand selected. This assures that only the highest quality materials are used to create your environment. 


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